Family Therapy

Family Therapy is available to help the family work through challenges and create effective and healthy relationships that impact the family now and in the future.  Family therapy may involve all, or just a few of the family members, to help resolve conflicts, improve relationships, address behavioral issues and adjust to major life issues.

Blended Family Therapy

Family therapy can help parents of blended families take care of their marriage while also sorting out their new roles and set boundaries with regards to parenting, discipline, financial obligations, rituals, values and how time is spent.  Children of blended families may struggle with issues such as jealousy, confusion, rivalry, loyalty and loss while they may also still be trying to sort out the pain and grief over the loss of the family they had. Family therapy can help address these concerns and provides a platform for each member to voice their feelings in a respectful and loving way while each member can express their fears and concerns and discover their place within the new family unit. Parents can learn how to maintain a healthy relationship with their children while building a new and loving bond with their spouse and step-children.

What to expect

The initial appointment is used for me to meet with one, or both, parents.  This is a time for me to learn about your unique family, concerns, goals and any interventions that may have been attempted.  Based on that information, I will offer a treatment plan and an explanation of the treatment process for your unique family.   

Where to Find Us

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